We are disrupting the Recruiting Industry!
Did you know that you are at a disadvantage when a recruiting firm presents you to a company?

Did you know that the cost of hiring you is $20k, $30k, $40k or more for a company to hire you through an executive recruiter?
Imagine This...
  • You have been presented to a small or midsize Medical Device company. 
  •   You have made it to the final interview stage and you are up against a few other candidates. 
  •  What you don’t know is that those candidates were sourced internally and will cost the company nothing extra if they hire one of them. You will be costing the company $22,000 (the fee due the recruiting firm)
It is time to level the playing field!!
We are creating an Exchange Platform designed for candidates to get hired at a fraction of the cost.

Instead we charge very small (and fully disclosed) fees to both the company and the candidate.
Companies are buying into this!! 
Candidates are buying into this!!
When a company hires a candidate that we present, they are charged $2000-$6000 (depending on the seniority of the role). This is much less than the average $20K-$30k fees that are charged.

Since we are presenting candidates with a much (much) lower 'cost to hire', we are asking our candidates to share in this equation:

If and when a candidate (you) is hired through our introduction, you are billed $1000 with payment due after your start date.

We consider this model a win-win-win!

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