"Jeremy has been a pleasure to work with. We all come to the table with different strengths and weaknesses in our job search process. Jeremy was able to assess mine and determine the best ways to provide value. I had been with a company for 10 years and really needed to understand the new methods to networking. I was also looking to sharpen my interviewing skills. Jeremy helped on both counts.

It has truly been a partnership. We expanded my scope of search. His unique networking techniques have landed me more quality interviews. And I have gained confidence in my interviewing skills. I am now interviewing with 3 different companies and am excited to continue along my career path.

Jeremy is a tremendous sounding board. We game-plan together and he does his best to be accessible when opportunities suddenly arise. He is also great at helping me maintain positive momentum in what can be a draining process at times.

I have already referred one professional to him and would do the same for anyone going through this life changing career journey. "

- Erik Overley


I was referred to Jeremy through a prior client of his and my experience was very positive.

Jeremy’s job acquisition processes have been super helpful. His insights on LinkedIn, his resume templates and just being a confidant to speak with during the process was just what I needed.

He showed me techniques to get more interviews and they absolutely worked. Prior to working with him, I wasn’t getting my resume through the applicant tracking systems and I wasn’t hearing back from companies that I applied to. Once I employed the word-for-word outreach scripts, all that changed. I absolutely got more interviews through these techniques.

Having our one-on-one mock interview session really prepared me for future interviews! His interview worksheet Is absolutely a tool that I will continue to utilize as I continue to interview.

Even though I’m no longer working with Jeremy, I’m still utilizing his worksheets and reviewing the course videos. I know it’s a place that I will keep coming back to during the course of my career.

Working with Jeremy was kind of like therapy because he was talking me through life stuff as well as job hunting, and therapy can be really expensive. :-)

I would absolutely recommend his services and it was worth every penny especially having lifetime access to his video content. 

- Carolyn Asch
(See additional testimonials below)

Welcome to our expanding lineup of solutions designed to land you your next job.  Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.  Therefore no sales are able to be made until I speak with you personally. 

Below you will find a menu of consulting solutions to review.  If I feel like you are a good fit for our services, I will make a few recommendations designed to make you an 'irresistable' candidate with a proven job acquisition process.  


"How to Land the Job" Signature System video series
This is our 28-video series designed to show you everything you need to become a better candidate and how to improve your job acquisition process. 

You get lifetime access to this acclaimed video series!

This is an A-Z web series that begins with creating clarity in your search and ends with you landing in your next role. This is an action-oriented course with worksheets, templates, scripts, checklists and cheat sheets. Become a better candidate on your own!

• Creating Clarity in your search and your value
• Creating a winning resume and cover letter
• Creating a winning LinkedIn profile
• Creating more interviews
• Nailing the interviews and negotiating the offer
• Landing in your new seat the right way
Individual Packages
"Professional Resume" Package
You not only get a proven professional resume that we work on together, but you also understand the rationale behind this format and how to customize your resume to get more interviews.

This includes lifetime access to our Professional Resume Video Series along with 3 personal strategy sessions. Together we will:

• Create the resume that will get you more interviews
• Create the resume that will get past the company         automated applicant tracking systems (ATS)
• Create the resume that shows your value within the    10-15 seconds of a read
• Create the resume that will land you the role you         desire

"LinkedIn Premium" Package
LinkedIn is the most important professional networking tool in the world.  

An optimized LinkedIn profile is:

• Your introduction to the world
• A search engine for recruiters, HR team                           members and hiring managers to find you
• A targeted outreach tool to create more interviews

This includes lifetime access to our Professional LinkedIn Video Series along with 3 personal strategy sessions that dive into your specific messaging and outreach techniques. 
This is your introduction to the world! Don't waste it!

• Enhance your ability to “be found” by hiring                   decision makers 
• Share your value quicker and more effectively to           your viewers
• Learn proven outreach techniques to getting more       interviews

"Interview Lite" Package
Concerned about your interviewing skills? Wondering why you can't get the offer?

We will do a deep dive into your interviewing skills with an hour-long mock interview. 

This includes access to our current Interviewing Video Series (not lifetime access). In addition, you will get a full length mock (video) interview with critique diving into the strengths and weaknesses of you interviewing skills.

The interview will be recorded for your playback pleasure.
"Complete Preparation"  Package
This topic specific package offers multiple strategy sessions including:
1) A full length mock (video) interview
2) An interview preparation session of an upcoming      interview.
3) Review of your resume and LinkedIn profile page      from a professional resume writer.

The mock interview will be recorded for future reviewing purposes.

This includes lifetime access to our Professional Interviewing Video Series along with 4 strategy sessions focusing everything you need in order to crush the series of upcoming interviews:

1) Interview Mindset
2) How to prepare like a champion for the interview
     and the purpose of each interview
3) A full length mock interview
4) A complete interview preparation session

Combined Packages
Premium Package
A very popular combination package!!

What better way to get a great resume, a great LinkedIn page and also receive expert knowledge, tools and techniques to proactively getting more interviews? 

In addition, you will receive 50 leads of hiring decision makers specific to your search!!

This offering combines the following packages: 

• "Professional Resume" Package
• "LinkedIn Premium" Package

You will receive lifetime access to this video series along with several hours of 1-on-1 consultation all designed to create effective your marketing material as well as put in place a proven outreach campaign that will get you more interviews.
Premier Packages
"How to Land the Job" 
Complete 3-Week Training Program
This is a complete training program offering tremendous value to groups of job seekers that are looking for a proven system to landing their next role. 

This is a wonderfully economic way to learn the job acquisition process from an expert.

Check to see when our next group offering begins.
What you receive:

1) Lifetime access to our acclaimed video series,             “How to Land the Job” Signature System. 
2) 6 live (group) webinar sessions in a 3 week period      that dive deeper into each aspect of a successful        job acquisition strategy. (They begin the first week      of each month.)
3) Weekly trainings that will include live interview           prep sessions, live mock interviews, live                       professional marketing material reviews and
     Q&A sessions.
4) Access to our private Facebook and LinkedIn               communities to engage in further discussion. 
5) Access to our interview series with subject matter      experts in the field of hiring.
"How to Land the Job" Platinum Training Program
This package offers the above-mentioned training program but also includes 3 of my most popular 1-on-1 personalized training sessions.

What you receive in addition to the training program above:

1) A live 1-on-1 mock interview session with me               diving into your interviewing strengths and                  weaknesses. (This session will be recorded for            your reviewing purposes.)
2) A critique and analysis of your updated resume           and LinkedIn page (along with suggested                     improvements) from a professional resume                 writer.
3) A live 1-on-1 interview prep session with me                 diving into all the techniques that I prepared my         candidates for when I was a recruiter.

The "VIP" 1 Day Intensive 
Designed specifically for the
busy professional
This is our 1-on-1 consulting package completed in one day.  I know that lives are busy.  So instead of a 3, 4 or 6 week commitment with me, you get me in an "intensive" day of coaching and consulting.

This will be an 8-hour day (with a 1-hour lunch break) where we will review, address and fix every component in your job acquisition process.

You will also receive 100 leads of hiring decision makers specific to your search!
What you will receive:

1)  Lifetime access to our acclaimed video series,              “How to Land the Job” Signature System. 
2)  7 hours of live 1-on-1 coaching that will address          and improve every aspect of your Job Acquisition        process (in a single day).
3)  Access to our Complete 3-week training program        at any future date.
4)  Access to our private Facebook and LinkedIn                groups for further discussion and content.

You will also receive 2 additional 1-on-1 sessions of your choice: Most clients choose a) a live mock interview b) a final review of their resume and LinkedIn page or c) a live interview prep session.  This is your choice.
"Let's Do This Together"
Individualized Package
This is our premier consulting package where Jeremy works with you in a personalized, 1-on-1 setting until you get hired.   I stay with you through the entirety of your job acquisition process.

You will receive hours of personal consultation from Jeremy focused on every aspect of a successful job acquisition strategy:

You will also receive 150-200 leads of hiring decision makers specific to your search!!  

You will receive lifetime access to our acclaimed video web course, “How to Land the Job" Signature System as well as be part of our Facebook and LinkedIn communities. You will also have lifetime access to our group offerings (above) if desired.

In addition, I will strategize with you on every component of your process.  We will prepare, debrief and strategize together on every interview until you get hired!

There is limited availability for this package due to my commitment to your needs.  So please ask about availability.

Additional Testimonials
"Jeremy was great at coaching me through the interview process. I had not been in the job market for many years and found that I was a bit nervous going into the in-person interviews. Jeremy coached me through each in a series of interviews that ultimately made the difference."
Greg O
"Jeremy was wonderful. I was preparing for my first real important career interview and was very nervous. Jeremy took the time to understand my situation and then provided some excellent advice and much needed support. Needless to say, I crushed the interview and was offered the job."
Carolyn Ulrich
I have already referred one professional to him and would do the same for anyone going through this life changing career journey. "
“Jeremy truly wanted to get to know me.”
Mike Dugan
“You know immediately that Jeremy has the expertise to make a valuable and insightful diagnosis. He has been a pleasure to work with.”
Shobha Rani Doraswamy
“He was spot on with his analysis of my strengths and weaknesses in my job acquisition process. As such, I decided to work with him to strengthen my candidacy and my process.”
Doug Pinotti
"Jeremy and I met through one of his strategy calls. Immediately he understood challenges that I had with my current career narrative. We spoke candidly and with depth."
Michael Giovingo