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Each offering is designed to get you that much closer to landing your next career move.  
The Ultimate Interview Checklist
This checklist is guaranteed to improve your job hunting results
Consultation Calls:
1) "How to Get your Professional Marketing Material to Work Harder for You" 
Your resume and your LinkedIn page are your introduction to the world. Your Career Narrative must make sense and show you as the solution to the needs of your audience.

You have 15-20 seconds to make this positive impression with your professional marketing material. You better make it count!!
  •  Receive an hour-long Skype consultation discussing the strengths and weaknesses of your resume and LinkedIn page.
  •  learn how to break through the clutter.  
  •  This consultation will get you more interviews. 
  •  Included you will receive 4 of our favorite resume templates that will allow you to copy and paste your content.
  •  You will also receive our LinkedIn worksheet to help you strengthen you Profile Page
2) "How to Shine in the Interview" Live Practice Interview Session
Congratulations! You got the interview.  Now it's time to shine.  

But you have been there before and not gotten the offer.  Why can't you seem to get the offer? 

Get the help of an expert in the Interview Process to see how you can improve your skills and GET that offer.  
  •   This hour long Skype session will include a 45 minute mock interview, followed by an assessment.
  •  Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are in your interviewing capabilities.
  •  Learn how to reduce your nervousness and anxiety.
  •  Learn how to show your 'Best Self'.
  •  Present yourself as a solution to their needs
  •  Included you will receive our Interview Cheat Sheet that will absolutely help 
"How to Land the Job in 2018” video course
Guaranteed to help you land your next job or your money back. 
Lifetime accesss to our 26-video course which provides techniques, tactics, tools, resources and actionable steps designed to get you the job in 2018 and beyond! 

This exciting course addresses the necessary steps to landing you the job:
1) Clarity and Mindset
2) Creating your Value Pyramid
3) Redesigning your Professional Marketing                    Material so that you get the interview
4) Techniques to getting more interviews 
5) Proper techniques to preparing for the
6) How to NAIL each interview
7) Negotiating the Offer
8) Resigning and dealing with counter-offers
9) Keeping the momentum going
*Special Offer* Won't Last Long!!
Consists of:
Our "How to Land the Job in 2018" Video Course
1 consultation session
  •  Receive lifetime access to our complete "How to Land the Job in 2018" video course ($245 value)
  •  In addition, receive one hour-long consultation call addressing one of three areas ($175 value)...
  •  1) Diagnosis of your professional marketing material, namely your resume and LinkedIn page.  You have 15-20 seconds to impress.  You better have your presentation right!   
  •  2) Conducting a mock interview to assess your strengths and weaknesses in your interviewing skills.  Let us help you NAIL your next set of interviews. 
  • 3) Learn how to attack the "hidden job market".
Silver Consultation Package
This consulting package teaches you all the necessary steps to successfully securing a highly coveted job in a personalized, 1-on-1 setting.  

In addition, we dive into your personal employment background and address key obstacles that may be hindering your future employment.
You receive lifetime access to our “How to Land the Job in 2018” video course.

In addition, you receive six half-hour long 1-on-1 personal Skype sessions with Jeremy.  These session dive into each component of the job acquisition process...specific to your particular circumstances and work history.

Gold Consultation Package
This consulting package is designed to consult with you through the entirety of your job acquisition process.  Not only do we help sharpen your techniques and assess your personal situation...but we prepare with you for specific opportunities; we debrief with you; we job search for you and we help with negotiations. 

With this package, we, in essence, become attached at the hip until you are hired.
You receive lifetime access to our “How to Land the Job in 2018” video course. 

In addition, you receive 12 hours of 1-on-1 personalized coaching and consultation with Jeremy designed to specifically get you in your new role over the course of a 6-week period...and beyond, if necessary.

I become your consultant, your confidante, your therapist, your spritiual guide and your spouse...during this process.

It's great to have an advisor in your corner!!

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