Jeremy was wonderful. I was preparing for my first real important career interview and was very nervous. Jeremy took the time to understand my situation and then provided some excellent advice and much needed support. 

 Jeremy provided step-by-step counseling as we strategized how to nail this interview. Needless to say, I crushed the interview and was offered the job. I would certainly recommend Jeremy to any young professionals looking for guidance in the job acquisition process. Thanks Jeremy!

- Carolyn Ulrich

About Jeremy Altman
Jeremy Altman is an entrepreneur from Columbia, Maryland who has successfully run an executive recruitment agency for the last 10 years. 

Jeremy is a job acquisition consultant who helps his clients stand out to potential employers. He has personally coached hundreds of candidates in multiple industries, covering every step of the job search process. 

He has helped his candidates create eye-catching professional marketing material, uncover hidden job opportunities, set-up warm interviews, interview like a pro, and negotiate great compensation packages. 

Jeremy's clients are some of the strongest candidates in their respective fields.